How to get leads for your travel Agency?

These days most travel agencies have shut their offline office to settle for online office at the comfort of their home. One important question people are asking is; How does the travel agency get leads? Going online as a travel agent is a new dawn in your business. When you register for online booking websites or create your online presence via a corporate website and blog, learn digital marketing skills to promote and showcase the real value and services you have to offer your clients. Then you will attract new customers and pull more leads for your travel agency.

leads for your travel agency

You can easily book flights for your clients via an online website and earn lots of commission. This is how it works, the more leads your travel agency gets, the more trips you book and earn huge commissions. But the problem is, what can you do to get these leads for your travel agency to earn your desired commission? Most travel blogs online would suggest your existing customers should be a good starting point. Try to provide specialized and quality services more than your competitors, that they barely can get such from any website online. Let’s view other surefire means to pull leads below.

  1. Manage your social media platforms effectively.

More than 70% of your travel agency client can be gotten from Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Social media has become one indispensable tool in the 21st-century businesses can’t avoid, especially a new travel agent with a promising future. One distinguish feature that makes social media important is the free online services they offer. Imagine the possibility of reaching millions of potential customers daily without spending a dine.

To get leads for your travel agency via the social media platform, you need to manage your pages and handles effectively and respond to questions or inquiries in your inbox with 24 hours. If you can’t meet up with this schedule, I think it’s wise to employ more hands to help out.

Your level of consistency on social media platforms has a significant influence on your travel agency promotion. The moment you publish posts or interact in your comment sessions, you stand a chance of gaining or losing out on free travel leads for your travel agency. I’m not sure you are ready to lose all the previous efforts exerted on these platforms and lose your travel agency leads.

  1. Position yourself as a specialist travel agent

If you search for the word “Travel Agents” online, you will discover thousands of corporate websites or blogs, and those with high ranking profile ranking first. This is a clear indication that the level of competition and the promotion of online travel planners or travel agency opportunity is on the upper side. One way to survive this level of competition is to position yourself by offering specialized services to your clients strategically. If others are offering popular services, look for a demanding service that other agencies barely offer, to stand out in the crowd.

If your travel agency promotion is on a broad niche, it is advisable to micro-nice it. This allows you to focus on more important things to become a specialist in that area. Doing this will make clients locate you quickly, rather than rooming around with the usual services.

  1. Don’t shy away from complicated trips

Your ability to fulfill a difficult task distinguish your services and potentials from your competitors. To market your travel agency effectively, you have to realize that not all trips need the assistance of a travel agent. There are so many online platforms your potential clients can use to book a simple trip themselves. So, if your services are centered on booking simple trips and avoiding complicated ones, it won’t take time before you fade out.

Planning a group tour, Holiday travel, and business trips to unfamiliar locations can be very difficult for a travel agent. It requires lots of time and resources to conduct appropriate research. Sometimes you will have to collaborate with other corporate travel consultants who are experts in that area. This level of difficulty and fear of the unknown makes some travel agency to withdraw from these complicated trips. If you are so much interested in generating more leads for your travel agency, then tackle all problematic tasks. See it as an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

  1. Run promotions and reward referrals

From the early days of the travel agency business, one viable way to generate leads is through referrals. People find it easy to patronize your services when referred by friends, family members, or reputable personalities.  So, rewarding referrals is a targeted means of travel agent advertisement and a sure way to get more leads for your travel agency.

Develop a strategy for referral rewards. It can be a discount on their next order or a gift when those they refer is finally booking a trip. You can also extend these services to those who offer potential customers positive reviews about your agency. Sometimes, people don’t know those giving positive or negative reviews about your business. Still, they choose to trust these reviews as a bedrock for their positive or negative decision making about your products and services.

With the use of online travel tools and software to plan both local and international trips, it becomes difficult for a word of mouth to refer people to your agency. This paves the way for different referral companies, who are ready to generate more leads for your travel agency, as long as you can afford their plans and packages.

  1. Maintain consistency across all platforms and educate your audience

You won’t want your potential customers to see you as an inexperienced travel agent; more reason you are expected to set your standards that will define your brand image right from startup. And the best way you can maintain your brand identity and pull more leads for your travel agency is by educating your audience. Keep them informed on the latest services in your agency and how they can benefit from it.

If you are focus on an excellent market, then do more to research on it and remain professional in your social media platforms for continuous growth. This will make people see you as a travel agent they can rely on.

Travel agents who undertake difficult tasks deserve more leads, support from their clients, earn a commission from travel middlemen, and gain more connections.

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