Is it cheaper to use a travel agent?

No doubt there are few keywords you can use to search for cheap travel deals online, but is it cheaper to use a travel agent? Using an experienced travel agent will give you access to unique information that is unavailable to the public for better deals. It may interest you to know that Travel agents’ source for information on the same booking sites you use but with different tools. Additionally, they get direct emails and calls from most travel companies, and this isn’t seen on the internet.

cheap travel deals online

Experienced travel agents can put a direct call to hostels and tickets companies to bargain a bill; this makes it cheaper to use a travel agent. Come to think of it, Does the fees charged by travel agents invalidate the savings?  From my experience, I will say no. The prices being charged by most travel agents are marginal, or sometimes nothing. If they don’t cost anything, then where do they get their money? The primary source of their earnings is from hotels booking discounts among other wholesale business they engage in.

Before asking any travel agent to help you plan your trip, make sure you make inquires on their fees. If you can afford it, then have them do the job, they will surely get you the best deals. Remember information is power; they already have access to almost everything online in addition to the insider information. You can be assured it is cheaper to use a travel agent for your next trip.

Is it advisable to use a travel agent to book a flight every time?

If you are travelling within a short distance to visit family members, I doubt if it’s necessary to use a travel agent, because it will save you little to no cash with so much time wasted. In such a case, I prefer using the internet to find an affordable rate within minutes.

However, there are situations where the service of travel agents is needed to get better travel deals. If you are on a business trip or going away by yourself to somewhere, you aren’t familiar with. A travel agent will make your plans a reality, and unlock specific information and other resources that will help you familiarize yourself with the strange terrain.

You can also contact booking websites to get help on foreign services and ask different questions you need to travel with. International travel for business can sometimes go wrong, more reasons you should adhere to essential information from a travel agent. Most of these travel websites that claim to help, because they can easily convince you to buy their products or services. Their information is sometimes misleading.

Group travel is another great way to get better deals from travel agents. As earlier mentioned, a travel agent will tidy things in a more organized form, and negotiate cheap travel deals; he manages all the complications that may arise and so on. I’m not sure you can go through the stress of booking accommodation, and air flights using different credit cards with names. It is far cheaper to use a travel agent.

Travel agents also have more insights, and they remain the right source of destination advice. They will provide information you need on your dream location, this will help you plan your trip to suit your budget. Feel free to talk with your travel agent on the things you want. They will direct you to the best entertainment, tourist centres, and accommodation with the best facilities, among other services that are in line with your needs and budget.

Most Travel agencies survive despite the use of the internet to access travel information because they provide specialized services that you won’t get anywhere else. Not even top search engines can take the place of travel agents discount services. They are always friendly with their clients, and this relationship can save you from disasters. If you are planning a solo-travel, Family vacation, business travel, or individual tour, travel agents are worth patronizing to save cost.

The business model of most travel agencies gives them access to obtain special discounts and bonuses from airlines to their clients. They purchase flight tickets in bulk and some times get an additional ticket for free, he can sell this ticket to a customer in a bid to cover its own cost. The is why some travel agency charges little to nothing for the services they render.

From my experience, travel agents help you perfect your trip while saving you from unnecessary expenses. You can see more of this function below.

  1. They help to protect your investment

Travel agents do not only save you money, but they also work hard to plan amazing trips to your dream destination, at the same time work according to your budgets, cut down irrelevant things and take steps to protect your spending.

  1. They can save time

Money can be used to get more money, but money can’t purchase time. Allow your travel agent to handle all the planning process while you go about your regular job. If you are someone who works per hour, I don’t see the need to stress yourself surfing the internet for travel information and loose money. While using the service of a travel agent is almost little to no cost for consumers, the time been saved is priceless. Remember, time is a more significant asset than money. If time truly means money to you, then see travel agents as your asset managers.

  1. They can help you avoid unnecessary expenses

While anyone can search the internet to get cheap airfare and discounted accommodation, it is a different ball game with the travel industry and its hidden fees. If you travel alone without contacting a travel agent, you will end up spending the above budgets for hidden charges. An example of these charges is Las Vegas hotel resort fees that is an almost double room reservation fee. Customers are only notified of such costs when they are to check out.

Now you know using a travel agent can save you a fortune. I’m sure you should be searching for the travel agents near you soon. You can as well leave short notes on your experience with any travel agent using our comment session below.

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