What are the best travel agency marketing tools

In order for travel industry businesses to continue growing, there is a need to strengthen the relationship between travel operators, and different travel agencies across the globe. The best way to achieve this is through the customization of travel itineraries by online and offline travel agents, making things simple and easy for their clients and provide them with the best travel activities. The primary role of travel agents is to suggest, advice, and help in planning your travel activities, using the best travel agent booking tools. This enables them to work with your budget to your dream destination.

What is the most important job of a travel agent?

There are lots of travel blogs online writing on the functions of travel agents. They may be correct, but since the introduction of online travel agencies, more and more features are added daily.  Some of the notable duties of travel agencies include car rentals, cruises, tours, flight bookings, accommodation, bus tickets, among others. Travel agency tools give you a variety of options you would have missed if allowed to search online by yourself.

travel agency marketing tools

With the transition from traditional marketing to a more developed online platform, it will be difficult for any travel agent to survive the high level of competition without using the best travel agency marketing tools. Experienced travel agents are faced with so many tasks daily, and failure to meet crucial deadlines will cost them so much trouble. Before now, I think all it takes to be a great travel agent is to be mentally focused. But this is just the part B of it; part A has to do with the use of travel agent software, among other travel devices.

To correctly handle task management functions and help clients stay within budgets. There is a need to increase workflow and this is made possible by moving all relevant files or data of your clients into a system. It makes the entire process of achieving a sustainable goal easy. If you don’t mind, I will like to share some travel agency tools that help travel agents in making plans.

  1. Evernote

This is one essential App for professionals in a different field, especially a travel agency. It is likened to a note-keeping application, although its functions are more powerful than that. It makes online research and bookings easy because you can save virtually anything find online with few clicks. With Evernote, you can save special files like online quotes, photos, articles, and full websites for later retrieval.


As a writer, I use these travel tools to save special traveling ideas that I will like to write on some other time. When surfing the net and I find some vital information that is a perfect match or great inspiration to my audience, I save them on Evernote, so that I can easily have access to lots of information to plan out my article.

Social media is one important platform for most travel agents to share important information with clients. If you own a travel agency, take advantage of this travel agency marketing strategy to get more clients daily. Evernote is the right travel agency tool to track every inspirational content and special notes for later purposes.

  1. Google Drive

I’m sure most people are familiar with google drive. It’s an online storage platform that allows you to save information online and have access to it from any part of the world. Closely related to this tool used by most travel agents is Dropbox. Although google drive and Dropbox works perfectly well for saving your files to the cloud, google drive has this unique built-in functionality of google docs. This makes it the most potent travel agency tools for your business.

Google Drive

From my experience so far with this free online travel tools, I can boldly say it works surprisingly well. Each time I have some important files to share with my team members, I put them into a folder, and a link is automatically generated using the share button. More exciting is that all members of my team can access the files at the same time.

  1. Nozbe

Nozbe yet another unique travel agent resources where you can create your to-dos list. In my early days in office as a travel agent working under a big firm, I can remember boasting of keeping long memories of all my to-dos list without a reminder. But months later, when this list kept increasing, I received a call that I was missing out from an executive meeting. I quickly rushed in unprepared, and the looks from other top executives made me feel I had lost my mind completely.


Nozbe is a travel agent tool that will save from this kind of embarrassment. It is a task management software, specially built for individuals as well as team members. If you need to keep important dates, manage all your tasks in a single platform, and grow your travel agency, your team needs to be registered on Nozbe right away.

  1. Google Hangouts

With the recent need for online meetings through digital platforms, Google Hangouts is fast gaining huge recognition. Some companies prefer to use Skype or GoToMeeting for online video presentations and chats. They are no doubt two great tools, but those in the travel industry are preferring Google Hangouts. It is one of the travel agency marketing strategy for reaching out to potential clients.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts, among other software for travel agents, has an audio quality for calls, that is greater than Skype. Another exciting feature of hangouts is that you can easily make conference calls without subscribing to the premium account. It also allows users to share screens and do several collaborative things that most travel agent tools don’t offer.

With the unique engineering by Google behind it, one can quickly tell that Hangouts is a perfect travel agency marketing tool that is dominating the web. For me, I see it as the future of conferencing and live chats hosting.

  1. Flight Track 5

Tracking of flights for MVP clients is one of the benefits you will enjoy using an experienced travel agent. They know when your plane takes off, the current location of the place and when it lands at your destination.

Flight Track 5

Now think of the possibility of a travel agent knowing their client’s flight was delayed using Fight track using travel agency tool. And before you call them to book another flight, they have already done that and sent the flight ticket to you. Flight track 5 remains the best software for travel agents to impress their clients, and something all travel agency should have.

The travel agency tools mentioned above are some of the essential tools in the hands of an experienced travel agent. So next time you patronized a travel agent, lookout for some of these tools it will help to ease your travel stress.

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