What are the different types of travel agents?

The essential duties of travel agents are to plan and choose the best destination for their clients. This support includes; accommodation reservation, flight bookings, special advice, and safety tips, especially for solo-travelers. The digital age brought about different travel agency tools, hereby creating more roles and carriers’ opportunities. This led to the sub-division of the travel agency job. Today there are different types of travel agents handling tourist attractions and booking special events as they work with their client’s budget.

different types of travel agents

Some persons thought the travel industry and the job of travel agents, are dying since people can book flights and accommodation online. In reality, it’s Offline travel agency that is gradually dying off, because most of the travel agents feel more comfortable doing business online. Due to this migration, the travel and tourism industry emerge stronger despite the high level of disruption that has been part of the sector. Glance through the different types of travel agents to locate the appropriate one for your next trip.

  1. Online Travel Agents

Online travel agents are those who sell flights, tickets, and book accommodation online. They are middlemen between hotel management, airlines, and their customers. They are major influencers on tourism and direct bookings, more reasons they offer travel agency services at a lower price.

What services do online travel agents offer?

An online travel agent or agency is essentially the use of different online travel tools and software by travel agents to access travel industry services. The application process can access flight tickets from different airlines, local and international tour packages, hotel bookings, etc. From anywhere around the globe with few clicks. With these online travel agency tools, the different types of travel agents can carry out their jobs quickly and provide the necessary support for their clients before, during, and after departure.

Is it cheaper using physical travel agents or online travel agents?

From a reported study by Piper Jaffray, about 13% off was offered to those who booked the hotel directly. 21% discount goes to online agents using online tools and software to book the best and cheap hotel deals. 66% of those who booked offline got little to no discount. With this, I think there is an urgent need always to plan your travel agent business model using online platforms.

With online travel agency services, you can easily enjoy the convenience and fast access to clients when completing orders and creating special packages. Against the belief that travel agents only book accommodation and transportation tickets, the online travel agency has extended its services to tours excursions and special events.

The use of online platforms, including social media, has increased the relationship between travel agents and their clients. However, there are different online platforms travel agents can use to easily book air flights and accommodation for their clients and earn commissions.

  1. Independent Travel Agent

The different types of travel agents are so much interested in customizing the travel itinerates. Offline and online travel agents want to include special tour activities to increase the interest of their clients. They are currently partnering with independent travel agents with the help of distribution technology like Rezdy, for agents to recommend your products quickly and boost online distribution of the travel industry services.

More interesting is the fact that independent travel agents can earn between 14 – 25% as commission for helping you book your activities.

  1. Hotel and Concierge Services Agents

The contentious rise in mobile technology has changed the role of concierges. These types of travel agents provide unique services like making recommendations like transportation booking, restaurant reservations, rending assistance to client’s guests, and procuring tickets for events.

What is the job of a concierge travel agent?

Concierges are the types of travel agents that act as the first point of contact between guests and organizations. Their primary duties include directing phone calls, answering inquires of a different guest, and arranging unique plans, and so on. It’s their responsibility to uphold the culture of a company, and at the same time making guests feel relaxed and valued.

What makes a great concierge?

Similar to the job of a concierge travel agent above, a concierge is responsible for arranging spa services, restaurant reservations, recommending the best nightlife spots, transportation booking, coordinates porter services like language assistance, and so on.

To become a great concierge, you must first possess a great sense of human and form the habit of making people happy. This makes it easy for you to become a great listener who will always welcome guests and hear them out to provide them with the right services. Unique qualities and attitudes can make up a great concierge because it is one profession that desires so much attention, and this can’t be taught.

I think the tourism sector should work with concierges, to know the best tours that will be convenient for their clients. Besides, they will also know the best packages to book and get a fair commission.

  1. Global Distribution Systems Agents

The two major types of travel agents (the online and offline travel agents), do make use of global distribution systems, because it is one sure way to reserve available travel and tour activities automatically, in a specific destination.

There are lots of global distribution systems online, but Amadeus and Sabre are the most popular ones you can rely on to boost your online distribution. It also secures your flights, accommodation, among other travel bookings.

  1. Inbound Tour Operators Agents

One question people frequently ask is, “what are inbound tour operators?” They are non-residents or companies that specialize in providing local assistance to tourists from other parts of the world to their countries. They play unique roles in international travel for different purposes. Particularly in regions where the language is a substantial barrier.

What is the difference between inbound and outbound tourism?

When a non-resident or a foreigner visits to any country, it is termed inbound tourism. While Outbound tourism, on the other hand, occurs when a resident of a particular country journey to visit a foreign country.

Inbound tour operators’ agents are experts in a specific destination; they have full knowledge of the best tour region and activities in that region.

Now you know which travel agent to use on your next trip to help you plan your trip for an enjoyable travel experience. If you have used these types of travel agents before, please leave your opinion in our comment box below.

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